Just a few weeks ago, we were all tired of our days in the office; we yearned for the ability to stay at home. The Coronavirus, though disturbingly, has completed our wish. Now, we are staying at home, but working as well. Remote working is a new experience for many of us.
Though, many are new to the experience of remote working, they have doubts about the results and experiences it will produce. So, if remote working is new to you take comfort that there were more than 400 million people who had been working from home BEFORE COVID-19 outbreak came on the scene.

To help you navigate the remote work landscape here are 5 Tips that will increase your work quality, efficiency and effectiveness while remote working:

1. Divide Your Work into Portions.

There are four parts in any day: morning, afternoon, evening and night. Your work will take away at least two parts of each day from you. Define which parts of the day you work, then organize your time to accomplish your priorities on time. Remember, everyone works best when given compelling events to work towards, so set your deadlines for the task you must finish each day.

2. Eat, Sleep, Drink and Enjoy

When you are working from home, nothing stops you from doing household chores or following your normal at home routine. Now with remote work, you can get up in your pajamas, have your coffee, check emails, draft a strategy for the day accordingly and go on performing one task after another like a pro. Make sure to schedule time to get up and move around, get stuck on the computer for too long is one of the pitfalls from working from home/remotely. Plan a walk so you can enjoy a break from the computer and some fresh air and exercise.

3. Try to Make do.

You will not have everything available at your desk. There will always be something missing; so you must make do with what is available. Spend time the next day making a list and ordering whatever you might be missing but ask yourself – is it really necessary first!

4. Mental Preparedness is Important. 

The home environment is absolutely different than office environment; the machines you use, internet quality and speed, privacy, security on the internet, printers, and many other office equipment options are different. So, you have to tell yourself that you are “working from home” and may need to adapt or lower your expectations with in your home environment. This really helps when frustrating events occur like slow internet speeds or your printer jams up because your kids put slime on it.

5. Keep Networking.

There are going to be many new features that will you have to learn in order to work from home. Doing the hard things is the passion for people working from home, so you must follow in their footsteps. Spend some time researching or ask friends or other coworkers how to effectively network from home. LinkedIn has a wealth of knowledge you can learn and put to use during this time. 

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